Monday, 10 August 2020

Y8 Camp

so on the first day we were waiting for the busses to arrived at school so we can go to Y8 Camp the busses will arrive at 8:30.Well we waited for the busses to arrived at school the adults said some prays for us before we leave so when the busses arrived we started to pack all our stuff into the bus well we finish packing all our stuff in the bus  we jumped into the bus and left the after one hour sitting in the bus we finally arrive at y8 camp the boss a.k.a manager of the Y8 Camp so before we could do anything he set some ground rules about what part we are not allowed to go and the places we are allowed to go.  after he set the rules we all headed to our dorrms  the hall but they call it the Gym so we started to do some games the first one was try to steal the persons flag from them so at the end of the game we count all of our flags and then we played another game the game was like you get this soft thing and then we put it on top of us and then we pull it across us and there had to be a light person on the STILL GOT TO FINISH IT.

Friday, 24 July 2020

percy jackson moive

In the movie Percy Jackson there are gods. In that movie the name of the gods are  Zeus and he is the father of all gods.Hades the uncle of Percy Jackson Hades is the god of death and underworld the and Hermes is the god of  superhuman strength, durability, stamina, agility, and reflex and he’s the dad of Lukar proisidden the god of the sea, storm and earthquakes.and lukar store the lightning bolt from Zeus because he was jealous of the Gods

So he took the lightning bolt from Zeus and tried to hand it to Hades so  he can control the other gods with the power of the lightning bolt Percy Jackson friend was a goat and his protector Hades took Percy Jackson mom to the underworld and Percy Jackson got piss off  at Hades for taking his mom so he went to the underworld to find his mother.No one knew that lukar was enemy to the other gods so lukar gave Percy Jackson this shield and that shield had the lightning bolt in it so when Percy Jackson goes to the underworld Hades can take it from Percy Jackson Hades ended up getting the lightning bolt bu his wife took it from him and ended him she said she had enough of him so she killed him with the lightning bolt and then she gave the lightning bolt to Percy Jackson and they left they were looking for these little blue balls. There are four of them and they only found 3 to escape from the underworld        

um not finish :( i had to post it

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

healthy snacks

This is how you can make healthy snacks real easy to make all you need is some fruit and you can make a fruit salad. any kind of fruit,it does int matter. You cut them all up in to pieces and then mix all of it together,and there you have it a fruit salad.if you want to make a fruit Smoothie you will also need some fruit and a blender put all the fruit in the blender and turn it on and it should cut it all up in to little tiny pieces and then tip it in to a cup and there you have it you got your self a smoothie.