Tuesday, 19 May 2020

healthy snacks

This is how you can make healthy snacks real easy to make all you need is some fruit and you can make a fruit salad. any kind of fruit,it does int matter. You cut them all up in to pieces and then mix all of it together,and there you have it a fruit salad.if you want to make a fruit Smoothie you will also need some fruit and a blender put all the fruit in the blender and turn it on and it should cut it all up in to little tiny pieces and then tip it in to a cup and there you have it you got your self a smoothie. 

Thursday, 7 May 2020


Six-sentence story - NARRATIVE

Six-sentence story

Sentence 1: Start with ‘Once upon a time’ and introduce the main character

Sentence 2: Describes where the character lived

Sentence 3: Describes where the character’s special talent

Sentence 4: Describes the character’s problem

Sentence 5: Tells why the character felt that way

Sentence 6: Tells how the character solved the problem

1. Once upon a time there was a boy John that lived in China. He was a lucky boy. He lived in the city he had everything he wanted in the whole world. His parents were rich but his parents wanted him to be the next China's president, but the boy didn't want to be the president of China he wanted to be a magician. He asked his parents if he could be a magician but his parents said, “No you want to be the next president of China.”

2. One day a magician came to town. He went by the name Mr.Jianguo but in chinese 李秀英张伟. His great great grandpa was a magician too. He was really famous around the world.

3. Some of John’s friends came to his house and told him that there was a magician in town.So they went to go check him out.

4. They were watching and waiting for the end to ask him some questions about how to do magic. At the end of the show they went how to the magician and asked him to tell them his secrets. The magician said, “No my magics tricks are my secret”. John said he would pay him but he would have to tell him all his magic. The magician was getting annoyed with the kids pestering him. He waved his wand and the kids disappeared.

Adapted from THE WRITING BOOK (2003) Sheena Cameron and Louise Dempsey p126

Thursday, 30 April 2020

Bubble school

Bubble school

Yesterday we had school. It's not normal at school because we have to stay 1 metre away from others and do work. It's strange because there are not a lot of us at school. There are about 3 bubbles but we are not allowed to interact with other bubbles. We have different kind of year levels at school in our bubble, we have ( year 3 - year 7 ) and more. When we have morning tea and we go and play outside we still have to stay 1 metre away from others. On morning tea we were doing some spots we did some running racing and more. Then we went back to our classroom we did some catch up for maths and reading and DLO. After we did all of that it was lunch time. In lunch time we did some bike riding around the school but after 30 minutes playing on the bikes we had to put the bikes back but we got to keep our own helmet to our self too. Really strange right. And then we had to go to class.

All the bubbles had their own spaces to play outside. All of the kids in different bubbles get our own IMac to ourselves. It’s really strange a whole iMac to ourselves. We are doing online school at school, super strange. Do you think it’s strange? There are about 8 people in my bubbles i don’t know about the other bubbles so yeah we don’t move to literacy or maths. And all of us had to stay in the same class all day, oh and we finish at 2:30 now.some of us will walk home or some has to get pick up from school.