Friday, 16 March 2018

Watching the Game

Walt: To understand the difference between an article and a story.
Walt: To be able to retell a story in my own words using pictures as a guide.

Task Description: This week I read a book called Watching the Game and then I answered all of the questions about the story. The story was about a boy watching the game and his dog started chasing the ball so they all chased him. 

Monday, 19 February 2018

The Great Car Clean-out
  • Read the story with your teacher
  • Listen to the story again yourself, read along in your head with the words  

  • Record yourself reading the story

Questions about the reading:

There sealQuestion
Who is the author of the book?
Margaret Mahy
Who is the illustrator of the book?
Philip Webb
What does the word author mean?
Writes a story.
What does the illustrator do?
draw pictures for the story.
What was Dad looking for?
His cellphone
What was Donna looking for?
Her video
What was David looking for?
For his book
Why did Mum shout?
Because they were looking for their things.
Where did the people in the story find their things?
In the car.
What was this story about?
Cleaning the car.

True or False?
Mum wanted to clean the car herself.
Today is the clean-out.
David lost his book.
He was looking for my cellphone.
Dad was trying to get everyone to clean the car.
You must all help me shouted mum.
Mum was wearing a green top.
Mum was wearing a yellow top.
Dad lost his cellphone.
Looking for his cellphone.


Draw a picture of each of the characters from the story and what they have lost:




Wednesday, 15 November 2017

making musical instruments

  • This is my wood wind instrument we are going to be using a long and think sick two think pieces of some bark and last but not lest two short stick. a wood wind  instrument is some thing that makes a noise when you blow in to it.
This is my percussion instrument we are going to be using  2 rocks tape 2 small sticks and a log .A persuasion instrument is when you hit some thing and it makes a noise.